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Quality Assured Exceptional Service

RemX Australia ISO9001 Certificate of Approval

ISO9001: Quality Management Systems

RemX Australia ISO14001 Certificate of Approval

ISO14001: Environmental Management Systems

RemX Australia ISO45001 Certificate of Approval

ISO45001: Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

RemX is proudly certified to quality standards ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO4001. 

As an environmental and remediation contracting company dedicated to service excellence, our certification to these standards is our guarantee to clients that they will receive the highest value for money service delivery, performed to the highest safety, quality and environmental standards.


We employ integrated management systems to track, support and evaluate our processes to ensure continual improvement while supporting our commitment to innovation.

Our Key Drivers


In conjunction with our quality certification, RemX achieves performance excellence through adherence to three key drivers:

  • Safety: we are committed to ensuring that each and every member or the RemX team and anyone involved in RemX activities, returns home safely, every day.​

  • Quality: we do the job right the first time, every time. Our skilled and motivated workforce ensures the success of our clients’ projects.

  • Value: delivering high quality and safety focused solutions to our customers does not have to be synonymous with high cost. Through the application of strategic planning and efficient business practices, we are able to keep our costs low thereby ensuring our clients receive highly competitive and value-added solutions.

Our Safety Strategy

At RemX Australia, our safety strategy encompasses five key areas:

  • Embedding a culture of safety through the development of frontline leadership and communication skills.

  • Promoting the learning of skills and habits that develop into unconscious actions that promote safe working.

  • Sharing lessons learnt throughout our projects by way of pre-shift meetings, staff meetings and safety alerts.

  • Adapting processes that reduce or eliminate safety hazard exposures.

  • Collaboration with customers to ensure a shared understanding of site safety procedures and share learnings across the business.


Every RemX team member is trained and inducted to the highest standards. We will never compromise on safety.

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